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AB-Rent - for your convenience

wynajem samochodów WrocławThe Wroclaw are many companies hire cars. Particularly noteworthy, however, AB Car Rental-Rent, which for many years providing professional services in this area. The company's assortment are a few dozen cars and trucks of Class A, B, C, D, E and T. wide selection of cars makes sure that every customer will have the opportunity to rent a car to one hundred percent will meet their expectations.

Nowadays, more and more people abandoning public transport, such as trams and buses just decides to rent a car. Staying in a foreign city often requires us to move quickly, especially when these are business trips, meeting tight deadlines while forcing us to be in constant touch and movement. In such cases, use of public transport becomes really annoying and can cause significant delays.

AB-Rent provides comprehensive services for car rental in Wroclaw, Jelenia Gora, Kalisz, Legnica Leszno, Opole, Sieradza and Wałbrzych. Comprehensive services include not only rent cars and vans, but also the possibility to rent a child seat, CB radio, telephone and navigation is often necessary.

Car delivered to the airport!

wypożyczalnia samochodów WrocławReceive a rented car can be done at any customer sites in urban areas, which supports the company AB-Rent. Great convenience for travelers is the fact that after ordering the car on the airport grounds employees substituting a car directly at the airport car park. The whole procedure is done very efficiently. The Purchaser shall inform the company, which is scheduled arrival time, and the employee of the company is waiting for a client with a sign with his name. Thus immediately after arriving person who has decided to rent a car is able to immediately start using it. This is a great way to do it, to save on taxi and a long wait in line for the bus dowożącego travelers to the city. The same situation is with shuttle car at any arbitrary location in the city, if the customer does not want, or you can not get yourself to pick up the car.

Car Hire in Wroclaw by AB-Rent is the best possible decision. Immediate implementation of the contract, the ability to pick the car at any chosen place, and a minimum of paperwork makes car rental is not going to take a lot of time and allows you to instantly navigate received vehicle. To rent a car should be provided to the employee, or enter using the form our identity card number, personal details and driving license. Payment options include payment by credit card and cash payments. Each offered by AB-Rent car is one hundred percent effective and ready to go. Landlord receives all the documents that entitle him to use the car for the duration of the lease.