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The car with the OC

Remember the possibility of applying for a replacement car!

Despite the fact that driving a car carefully , following the existing rules , situations may arise that was not your fault, you drive car is damaged in an accident or collision. This type of circumstance will need to carry out a number of procedural steps , which aim is to obtain appropriate compensation .

Under the current rules , all costs for the repair of damage are covered with insurance driver who caused the accident . In addition to the supply of the damaged vehicle to the state before the collision , in the insurance affected person may also receive other forms of compensation for the identified problems. One of them , very often overlooked by insurers , is to cover all the costs of hiring a replacement vehicle . Eligibility to benefit from this solution has the person whose car was damaged in a collision is not her fault . If the offender insurer is required to pay all the costs of renting a car.

Take advantage of this opportunity are people who need a car to run their own business or the vehicle is necessary for them to perform other tasks at work . The replacement car can also apply for those who use the car everyday - what to do now . Transporting children to school or the need for regular use of medical procedures or surgeries, are sufficient reasons for which shall be provided a replacement vehicle . To obtain a refund of the cost of rental cars , document its necessity at work or in private life . However, the rented car class can not be higher than the class of vehicle being repaired .

If you're a member of a collision or accident that will not be the result of your fault , you should remember to above present option and possibly use it . Not every insurer shall inform the victim because of the availability of a replacement vehicle - therefore emphatically claim to exercise the right . Very often, car repair is a long- lasting process . The replacement car will provide all his time compensation for a loss , as well as allow unhindered exercise professional and private responsibilities.


In addition to the long-term car rental , our company is also the case in obtaining a replacement car financed with OC case of collision , can provide a comprehensive and professional assistance . Damaged car and the need for its repair is associated with a number of stressful situations , both at the scene of collision and then . Therefore, in order to meet our customers , we guarantee a replacement vehicle that although this issue was quickly and professionally done.

Whether you run a business or an individual - contact our representatives , so that very soon you will be able to sit behind the wheel of a replacement vehicle . You decide with which car rental you will want to use , what will be the cost of hiring , as well as how the vehicle will be your replacement vehicle . When choosing the car only condition already mentioned above, is that it must be close to the end damaged car. While we take care of all the formalities associated with renting a car.

The contract aims replacement car or further information about our offer , please contact us.
Our representatives are waiting for you in the six branches that support various Polish regions . Depending on where you need to rent a replacement vehicle , you can go to the AB -Rent in Wroclaw , Katowice, Poznan, Krakow , Warsaw and Gdansk. Each branch can contact by phone, number : 48 501 410 and 718 (working 24 hours a day ) . Contact Us is also possible via the Internet - via e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .