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Privacy Policy

Cookies are text information otherwise stored by the server on the user's computer in a cookie , the server can read the reconnect to the same Internet user's computer (the user) . The purpose of cookies is to remember to inform the browser settings , login and information system ? that the user has access to the server , and optimize the work site.


Using cookies are not processed or stored personal data . The content of cookies does not allow the identification of the user .


We use cookies to:
- Remember to choose the language and your country ,

- Knowledge of the user's web browser settings ,

- Can best fit our site to meet the needs of users.


You can avoid the use of cookies by changing the settings of your web browser. You can also delete existing cookies .

For this purpose, you can use the help in the browser to find out how to do it.


From the moment familiarize themselves with this document , any decision by the user , including the lack of a lack of changing the default browser settings to allow cookies processing is treated as an expression of a conscious act of will that is an expression of consent to the processing of cookies to the extent that allows on a user's Web browser settings .